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Eating Disorder Screening Questions

1. Has your weight been fluctuating or have you lost/gained a significant amount of weight recently?
2. Do you think or worry about weight, food, or your body during most of the day?
3. Do you skip meals, eat half of a meal, or avoid certain foods all together?
4. Do you exercise in order to control your weight?
5. Do you purge your food after eating?
6. Do you sometimes feel that you cannot control your eating?
7. Do you tend to think, “If only I was skinny or lost some weight, then I could…”
8. Do you change your clothes multiple times a day or avoid wearing certain clothes such as bathing suits?
9. Has someone in your family (immediate or extended) had an eating disorder?
10. Do you experience the symptoms of depression or anxiety?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you may want to consider talking with your medical doctor or a therapist as soon as possible.

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