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Savor Podcast

Kelly Hinds, RD and I created Savor Podcast in 2013. Together we recorded three seasons of episodes covering topics such as nutrition, weightism, body image, trauma, stress, yoga and more! You are welcome to listen and/or download the following episodes and share them with others.

Welcome to Savor  The hosts, Danielle & Kelly, welcome you to the first episode of Savor Podcast. They share their professional backgrounds and the story of how Savor was created.

Body Image The hosts, Danielle & Kelly, tackle the topic of body image issues in today’s society.

Who Needs Therapy?  In this episode Danielle talks about her work as a therapist. Listen to see if you might benefit from seeing a therapist.

Weightism   Have you ever been exposed to weightism? In this episode the hosts, Danielle & Kelly, share their thoughts on the topic.

Nutrition 101 In this episode, Kelly shares a simplified Nutrition 101 lesson & discusses how clients may benefit from working with a Registered Dietitian.

Exposing the Diet Industry In this episode, Danielle & Kelly reveal opposing messages found in media & the diet industry.

What Is An Eating Disorder?  National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is just around the corner. Danielle & Kelly explain the diagnostic criteria for eating disorders and share some of the tell-tale signs indicating that you or someone you know may be at risk.

24 Days to a Better Body Image Kicking off National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Alli joins us to share about a challenge she designed to combat diet talk & improve body image.

Eating Disorder Recovery: A Personal Story Kristina joins us to bravely share her story of recovery from an eating disorder and encourages everyone struggling to hold on to HOPE. This is the second in our three part series for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

Yoga In Eating Disorder Recovery  Erin Fischer, Registered Yoga Therapist, joins us to discuss how incorporating yoga may be beneficial in the eating disorder recovery process.

Calorie Counting Goes Mainstream In today’s episode, Danielle & Kelly debate the pros/cons of using software, applications and devices to track calories.

Intuitive Eating Kelly & Danielle discuss the principles of Intuitive Eating, explain who may benefit from this approach and  answer some of the questions surrounding it.

Are You a Binge Eater? Have you ever felt out of control with food? In this episode, Danielle & Kelly answer commonly asked questions about binge eating disorder.
Eating Disorders in the Military Members of our own armed forces are struggling with eating disorders and weight discrimination. In today’s episode, we have a special guest who shares her experience of having an eating disorder during her service with the Navy.

Filling the Void In the final episode of this season, Danielle & Kelly respond to a listener’s question of how to fill the emptiness that is left behind after you recover from an eating disorder.

Paleo Diet Debunked Season Two is kicking off with a look at the popular Paleo Diet. Our interest was sparked by the September edition of the National Geographic and we would love to hear about your experiences with the Paleo Diet.

Can You be Healthy at Any Size? Dr. Linda Bacon educates us on the tenets of Health at Every Size. We are so grateful that she shared her time and expertise and hope that after listening, you will get off the diet roller coaster and begin respecting your body.

What If You Loved Your Body?  What if we all did? What if the societal norm was talking about how much we love our hair, face, thighs, stomach, etc instead of talking about how much we despise them? What if there was no such thing as “fat talk”? In this episode, Dr. Hiestand shares powerful body image interventions that have transformed the way her clients relate to their bodies. You can practice all of those at home.

Embracing Life with Diabetes Miranda shares her personal story of diabetes and diabulimia, how she overcame their challenges and how she helps others do the same. We are so thankful for Miranda’s community service and that she took the time to talk with us in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month.

Happy Holidays! We all know that holidays can be a bundle of joy, stress and controlled chaos. In this episode, we share our own experiences with the holidays and discuss suggestions for managing them.

Males with Eating Disorders We were fortunate to have the men in the forefront of eating disorder treatment for males sit down for an interview with us. Dr. Stuart Murray and Leigh Cohn shared the history of males with eating disorders, problems they face and what to expect with the future of treatment. You can learn more about the subject at The National Association for Males with Eating Disorders website.

EMDR: A New Approach to Treating Eating Disorders Susie Morgan and our own Danielle Hiestand introduce listeners to the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) psychotherapy approach and share how they use EMDR for breakthroughs in eating disorder treatment. For more information on EMDR or to find a practitioner in your area, visit the EMDR International Association website.

Bypassing Perfectionism or Body Acceptance and a More Creative Life Donna Otter, Expressive Arts Therapist Extraordinaire, guest starred in today’s episode to introduce listeners to Expressive Arts Therapy and share how they can get more art in their world.

The Biggest Open Secret  Amy Costa, PsyD joined us to share the results of her research regarding how working with clients with eating disorders impacts the body image of treatment providers. Amy describes body image as “the biggest open secret in the room” and reminds listeners that treatment providers are subject to the same societal pressures as clients.

Diets Don't Work This is part one in our series about the diet industry.

Would You Like To Know WHY Diets Don’t Work?  In Part two of our Dieting Series, Kelly explains the biology of why diets don’t work. 

Human Beings Never Give Up Anything We Still Need Tamara Pryor PhD FAED from the Eating Disorder Center of Denver joined us to share her expertise in the area of substance abuse and eating disorders. Dr. Pryor uses her research to develop programs that treat both substance abuse and eating disorders as she has seen that “very rarely is it pure eating disorder without another diagnoses.”

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)  Toughen up! Has anyone ever said those words to you? Do you ever feel like there is something wrong with you because you are bothered by things others seem to ignore? If so, you’ll want to listen to this episode, Danielle has some explanations for you.

12-Steps Jails, Institutions or Death…the options for an addict if they don’t get sober. Special guest Sharon Zimbler talks about substance abuse disorders and shares some important questions to ask yourself if you think you have a problem. Sharon also expands on the principles of 12 Step programs and how they transform the lives of addicts.

Fat and Babies are Best Friends Pregnancy, lactation and eating disorder expert, Lindsay Stenovec, joins us to answer your questions about cravings, exercise, weight gain and anything else you might want to know about pregnancy and the postpartum process. You can find out more about Lindsay at her website.

Trans-itioning  Miranda May enlightens us on the transgender subject.  Miranda specializes in gender identity and eating disorders.

Exercise Melissa Streno, PsyD CC-ASP, anwers our questions on the topic of competitive athletes and eating disorders

Its Not Your Body Its your Mind To kick off National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, one of our listeners wanted YOU to hear about her journey into RECOVERY.

Acupuncture Your Only Job Is To Relax. Norah McIntire, L.Ac. graciously shared her time and expertise to explore the world of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Budget Cooking Savor Serves Up Home Cooking. To celebrate National Nutrition Month, Danielle & Kelly took a detour from the norm and did a cooking demonstration on air! Danielle was the test chef and Kelly talked about ways to save money on your grocery bill and eat well.

The Invisible Women  When Dr. Margo Maine speaks, we all listen. We can’t even begin to express the gratitude we have for Dr. Maine sharing her time and expertise with us. One of our listeners reached out about her struggle with finding the right fit for treatment as a woman in her 40s. Dr. Maine’s new book, Pursuing Perfection, speaks directly to this problem. For instance, did you know that 13% of adult women over the age of 50 display eating disorder symptoms? In comparison, 12.4% have breast cancer.

Thick Dumpling Skin  Lynn Chen, actor and National Eating Disorders Association Spokesperson, introduces us to her website, Thick Dumpling Skin, dedicated to the Asian-American woman’s quest for the perfect body. Lynn highlights the struggles people have finding treatment when they don’t fit the “rich, white girl” stereotype of a patient with an eating disorder. She also shares how her online food blog guided her recovery.

Stress...Is It Killing You? Stress – If It Doesn’t Kill You…can it make you stronger? It depends… Danielle & Kelly share their experiences with stress and Danielle teaches you how to better cope with it.

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